Stuff I Built

  • Cover of Learn WebAssembly book

    Learn WebAssembly

    Book that describes how to leverage WebAssembly to write high-performance applications that run in the browser.

  • Smiley face with clocks for eyes and an arrow smile

    Web app that enables you to transfer your data between time tracking tools like Toggl and Clockify.

  • Wolf howling at the Trello logo

    Trello for Wolves

    Node.js wrapper around the Trello API.

  • Blue slide with a title of Introduction to D3 and SVG

    D3 Show & Tell

    Interactive tool for learning SVG and D3.

  • Screenshot of page with two donut charts

    Cook the Books

    Accounting application built with Vue and WebAssembly.

  • Screenshot of Tetris running in the browser

    Wasm Tetris

    Tetris in the browser, built with C++ and compiled to WebAssembly.